NBN- Understanding Reality

Many stories – disaster or blessing ?

For some time now I have read many stories and reports regarding the NBN. If you trust all that has been written so far, you would think that the Australian Governments of many colours have done nothing but bury billions of dollars into something that is in a state of total disarray.

Is it true ?

If we are to believe everything it has been said so far, we would rise like the eagle and really rally in front of the Government House to get our money back.

But let’s use a little bit of our nature given intelligence.

The mathematics behind statistics

Most of us would have had some work done at our houses at some point in time. How would you feel about complaining that the toilet is not functional while the plumber is installing a new one ? What about complaining that the driveway is not useable while the brick paver works on it ? That would seem a little silly, wouldn’t it ?


When the NBN started, say we had 1000 consumers connected in one suburb. Of the 1000, 2-3 experienced some sort of trouble. After that, we connected 100.000 consumers over several suburbsĀ and the complaints went from 2 to 50. This is 25 times more

Enormous ! Outrageous ! Skyrocketing ! Words of the media….

But let’s not miss the point..

The NBN is NOT finished ! The NBN is in construction. Now we have nearly 10 million subscribers on a network in construction and perhaps a few thousands complains on performance.

I have personally went through troubles briefly with my NBN connection (fibre-to-the-node) and I solved it with my provider. No need for a big whinge.

Perhaps we should take a step back and really understand what is happening.

I personally believe that consumers are too much into the “I want it now, I deserve it now” attitude. You can’t drive your car when the wheel is out. You have to wait. Similarly, the NBN will experience sometimes dropouts and reduction in speed temporarily. It will pass.

I am sure that when it works nobody calls to say ” Thank you NBN for making my internet faster”.