The dangers of IoT devaluation

IoT – Internet of Things – innovation and progress

The last 12 months have been filled with new products and services launched in the IoT sphere. But are they all what they say ?

The danger of loosing focus

In these busy times, full of new ideas and enthusiasm, there is a more subtle but ever present danger. The devaluation of the IoT philosophy and the confusion caused to the customers. A handful of companies have released products which they propose under the hash-tag IoT but which, in my humble opinion do not belong in this family.

Not all that is connected is IoT

The bluetooth speaker, the point-to-point controllable light globe are not IoT devices. Nor is the bluetooth light controller serving one room with a single, point to point connection capability.
I am aware of marketing campaigns by reputable companies which continuously use tag names from the IoT realm to pop-up in search engine results. Yet their products, while smart and useful, are by no means true IoT members.
These devices are nothing more than simple stream receivers and do not constitute IoT members any more than a PC monitor would do. In the same way, one could advertise its wireless display receiver as IoT device.

But let’s face it. None of these examples contribute to the IoT information stream and they have no real interaction with the wider IoT realm.

Should we have an IoT certification ?

I am almost tempted to propose an IoT certification system to validate the products and solutions which are real contributors. While incurring perhaps a small fee from manufacturers and providers alike, this might clear up a bit the waters. I don’t pretend that this is the best answer but it is an open discussion.
Sure, this ingression of non-IoT offers is minimal at the moment. However, the IoT community has to make sure that everything we promote and advocate for will not loose its message in a diluted market.